Application Guide - Cre8tion Nail Art Charms

No need to be afraid of attaching charms to your nails for that extra level of creativity and style! Our video guide will show you how easy it is with adhesives that allow you to stick on anything from rhinestones to larger jewelry!

Step 1

Apply and cure a base gel color, or lacquer color layer.  (For tips on how to do this - Visit )

Step 2

Apply a strong curable adhesive that can support the weight of your Nail Art, like Cre8tion Stick On for Rhinestones or Cre8tion Stick On for Jewelry. Do not cure. 

Step 3

Using tweezers or Cre8tion Nail Art Pickup Tool, pick and attach the Nail Art to your desired position.  After applying, you will still have a short time to move things until it sets. Continue to apply charms or other jewelry to make your beautiful design.

Step 4

With a fine detailing brush, like Cre8tion Nail Art Detailing Brush, apply a shiny clear gel top cost like Cre8tion Super Gloss Top Coat Formula III around the charms and covering any exposed glue to give your finished work a clear shine, extra strength and a reliable bond.

Step 5

Finally, cure to seal the beautiful finish.