Application Guide - Cre8tion Nail Art Effect 


Step 1

Apply and cure a quality base coat, like Cre8tion Base Gel for non-damaging adhesion and quick soak off.

Step 2

Apply your favorite gel color that you would like to add the Cre8tion Nail Art Effect to. We have a large selection of Soak Off Gels and Special Collections on our website. 

Step 3

Apply a smooth finish top coat, like Cre8tion Non-Cleansing Top Gel for repeatable results

Step 4

Using a makeup sponge or our silicon applicator, lightly dip into the pigment to pick up a very small amount of the product. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Step 5

Apply by patting on top of cured top coat to reach desired effect. Some effects may need to be spread. Usually 1-2 applications is enough. No need to cure. To minimize chipping, we suggest to apply a layer of our Cre8tion Chrome Sealer and cure.

Step 6

Finally, apply another layer of a super glossy top coat, like Cre8tion Non Cleansing Top Gel Formula III and cure to seal the beautiful finish.