Application Guide - Cre8tion Soak Off Gel Colors

Nail Preparation

  • Wash your hands / feet and dry them thoroughly. It is best to push back your cuticles. Doing this will give you a clean surface for the gel to stick to but also create a longer, even looking nail to work on.  You can use a manicure stick or a cuticle pusher like Cre8tion Cuticle Pusher.
  • File the edge of your nails with a file like Cre8tion Nail File to the shape you desire - Alternatively, if you are applying acrylic nails, file and shape to your desire.
  • Buff the top surface of your nail with a nail buffer like Cre8tion Nail Buffer. This will prepare your nails for better adhesion with your gel color and help reduce lifting and chipping.
  • We recommend dusting off any excess dust created from filing and buffing.  Air, towel, or even a dust brush like Cre8tion Dust Brush will help clean your work area.
  • With a lint free wipe like Cre8tion Lint Free Wipes, clean the nails with some gel cleanser and allow to dry for 15 seconds.

TIP: When doing your own manicure, it is not recommended to do all 10 fingers at once. The easiest way is to do 4 fingers at a time, and then your thumbs.

Gel Bond Primer

  • Optional - but recommended
  • Healthy, oily nails should use a primer to further help the bonding with your natural nail and the gel color. Apply sparingly. You can use a healthy bond like Cre8tion Healthy Bond Primer.

Gel Base

  • Apply a thin layer of a gel base coat like Cre8tion Gel Base, and completely over the nail and "cap" the end of your nails by running the brush along the tip, this will help prevent chipping.
  • Do not touch the cuticles or skin at the side of the nails. If you do, remove it from those areas with a tools or manicure stick before curing.
  • Place your fingers in an LED nail lamp like Cre8tion Cordless LED Lamp and cure for 15 seconds.   
  • While tempting...DO NOT touch the surface of your nails. It will be sticky and that is normal.

Gel Color

  • Apply your chosen Gel Color on top of the sticky base. You will apply the color with a thin even coat, capping the ends again. Cure for the 30-45 seconds
    - Great colors with built in effects like Cre8tion Platinum Soak Off Gel or Cre8tion Glow In the Dark Soak Off Gel.
  • Repeat the process if you desire, curing between coats of color  - You can apply another coat or two to achieve a fuller color or less coats for a more sheer appearance.

Gel Top

  • Finally seal your results with a glossy top coat like Cre8tion Super Gloss Top - Formula II.
    - You can also experiment with Cre8tion Specialty Top Gels for even more finishes
  • Apply a thin layer over the color, removing any excess that is on your cuticles or skin, and cure for 30-45 seconds. 
  • If you used a Non Cleansing Top Coat like Cre8tion Super Gloss Top - Formula II, then you are done and can enjoy the shine.  If you used another product that leaves a sticky residue (Cleanse Top), use a gel cleansing agent with a  lint free wipe like, Cre8tion Lint Free Wipes, to remove any remaining sticky finish from all your nails.

TIP: We recommend that you wipe the brush on a lint free wipe like Cre8tion Lint Free Wipes, or a lint free paper towel before reinserting the brush into the top coat bottle. Sometimes the brush may pick up some color, and it is best to avoid contaminating your ultra clear top coat for future use!