Application Guide - Cre8tion Nail Lacquer Colors

Applying nail polish is a tricky endeavor, and although it would be fantastic to have salon manicured nails consistently, it's not a budget friendly idea. A clean, smooth manicure that looks up to par with a salon manicure can be difficult to achieve, but with the right nail preparation and a good quality polish, your nails can come out looking professionally done, and can last up to a week.



Preparing Your Nails

  • Trim (using Cre8tion Nail Clippers) and file your nails to get your desired nail shape. Make sure the edges are smooth to prevent splitting, breaking, or pealing.
  • Buff your nails using Cre8tion Nail Buffers to achieve a polished look. Tip: File in an 'X' shape pattern and lift buffer between strokes to prevent over-buffing. 
  • For professionals only, continue to trim and prep cuticles, using Cre8tion Cuticle Pushers and Cre8tion Cuticle Nipper,  to create a clean border for nail polish application.
  • For non-professionals, please continue with caution. Cuticle preparations is recommended to be done by a professional to prevent any damage to the protective barrier of your nails. Tip: Instead apply some Cuticle Oil generously to soften and moisturize the cuticles.
  • Wash your hands well with soap and water to make sure the surface is spotless for smooth polish application. Tip: use a cotton round with a splash of nail polish remover to further clean small dust particles and excess oils from the nails. 

Polish Application

  • Apply a Base Coat, like Cre8tion Nail Lacquer Bond Base, to help the nail polish cling to the nails and prevents polish to stain the nails. Allow base coat to dry.
  • Dip brush into Cre8tion Nail Lacquer bottle and swipe excess polish off to prevent thick clunky layers. Us the three swipe method to apply the polish: one in the middle and two swipes on the sides. Allow first Nail Lacquer layer to dry for two minutes or until layer feels dry to touch. 
  • Apply second layer of Cre8tion Nail Lacquer using the same method in previous step. 

Decorations and Nail Art

Top Coat

  • To help the polish last longer and prevent chipping, apply a top coat on dry Nail Lacquer layer. 
  • For a sleek matte look, apply Cre8tion Matte Top Coat. Allow to dry.
  • For a shiny gloss look, apply Cre8tion Shiny Top Coat. Allow to dry.