Application Guide - Cre8tion Titanium Gel


Cre8tion Titanium Soak Off Gel is the classiest anodized appearance for your nails. Laser sharp looks for new kind of metallic

Step 1

Apply a thin layer of Cre8tion Titanium Base. This special formula enhances the bond with Cre8tion Titanium Color. Cure for 1 minute. Ensure the surface is smooth and even.  

Step 2

Shake the Titanium color bottle well, and apply a thin layer of Cre8tion Titanium Color. Air Dry for 1 minute, and then cure under the LED lamp for 1 minute. The more curing at this step will increase the effect of the anodized finish. 

Step 3

Apply Cre8tion Titanium Top Coat and cure for 1 minute. This specialized formula is designed to maintain that Titanium shine without any fading. Note: Other gel top coats may reduce your results and reduce the vibrancy of Cre8tion Titanium Color. Be sure to not let the Top Coat sit for too long without curing on the nail to lock in that Titanium Shine while giving it the highest gloss and protection. 

Tip: Always "Cap" the tip on your nails on the final application of gel top coat to reduce chipping and peeling.