2018 Cre8tion Credit Rewards


For 2018, Beauty Page, Inc. has a new Cre8tion Credit Rewards program to reward our valued customers for being part of our growing family. This program will total up your annual spending on Cre8tion products in 2018 and reward you with a percentage of that back as credit that can be applied towards any Cre8tion products that we offer in the following year. Our sales reps will be reviewing and following up with you on what your earned credit reward will be based on your Cre8tion product purchases. Please note, to be eligible for reward redemption, your account must be active and paid by December 31, 2018.

Cre8tion Credit Rewards Table We have four tiers to reward each customer*
Total Eligible Cre8tion Spending in 2018 Cre8tion Credit for 2019
$100,000-149,999 USD 1% Cre8tion Credit
$150,000-299,999 USD 2% Cre8tion Credit
$300,000-499,999 USD 3% Cre8tion Credit
$500,000+ USD 4% Cre8tion Credit

*Master distributors do not qualify for Cre8tion Credit program

Terms and Conditions: All orders qualify based on the pre-shipping, post-credit and post-promotion total. Customers will forfeit their eligibility and lose all earned credits in the Beauty Page 2018 Cre8tion Credit Reward program if there is remaining past-due balances by the end of December 31st, 2018. Purchases on other brand items do not qualify and do not count towards Cre8tion Credit Rewards. Customers will receive their rebate total after January 30, 2019 and can apply it towards their next order of Cre8tion brand products. Amounts credited or deducted towards total spending do not qualify for earned credit. Form below must be filled out accurately and submitted before November 30, 2018.  Beauty Page, Inc. and Cre8tion Products assume no liability for incorrect or false information.

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